Chinese Home Cooking Dishes-Dim Sum & Yam Cha and Snack

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Dim Sum


Steamed Shrimp Fan Gao 蒸鮮蝦粉果 . Fan Gao is one of the famous dim sum in Hong Kong. The ingredients can be different, but its shape is like a half moon. It can be shrimp; it can be assorted vegetable with minced pork; it can also be only assorted vegetables. Its skin is a little bit chewy and cloudy than Har Gao. However, it tastes as delicious as Har Gao.


Deep Fried Shrimp Wontons 炸云吞 . Iusing home-made shrimp paste as the main ingredient and deep fry them until golden brown and crispy. This is my students and family's all time favorite.


Deep fried Yuen Bao 炸金元宝 . In the Year of Ox, I wish everybody can overcome the financial crisis and no longer hestitate in spending money, so I cook this dish for my Chinese New Year dinner. It looks like many gold bar (Yuen Bao = ancient money). Kids like them very much!


Fried Taro Pastries 芋角 . Simple ingredients but lots of time and efforts to deep fry these taro pastries. Heat control and practice are the essential tips to cook this dim sum.


Steamed Black Sesame Bun 麻容包 . The home-made sweet black sesame paste is smooth and full of sesame fragrance.



Turnip cake 煎蘿蔔羔 is traditionally made during the Chinese New Year season. It can also be found in dim sum restaurants throughout the year.

Once the turnip cake is cooked, it can be kept in the refridgerator for a month.

Some people like to pan-fried it and dipped it with hot sauce; some likes it steamed and served with soy sauce.




Siu Mai 燒賣 shaped like tiny kettles, which means "cook and sell," to indicate that once they cooked, they are never left unsold. Besides, Pork and Shrimp Siu Mai, there are different types of siu mai, such as muchroom siu mai, quail egg siu mai, minced fish siu mai, etc. in some traditional Cantonese restaurants.
Like other classics dim sum, they have their own particular dough, a wheat flour --- based dough. However, there are number of ready-made wheat-flour wrappers avaliable in Chinese and Asian markets. To make it easy and convenient, won ton wrappers can be used  for this Canton Dim Sum.


In Cantonese restaurant, Steamed Char Siu Buns 蒸义燒包 are a must have.  It is a piece of treasure to local Chinese.
After learning how to roast Char Siu (Chinese BBQ Pork), learning steamed Char Siu buns wouldn't be hard. White puffy buns, which contain delicious roasted Char Siu and oyster sauce filling, are irrestible.


Baked Char Siu Pastries 焗义燒酥 are a good evidence that Cantonese People are creative and open-minded with their cooking. Canton Dim Sum Chef changes western pastry into Southern Chinese version pastry by adding baking powder and sometimes even ammonia carbonate into the dough in order to create puffy and crispy effects. Cantonese pastry has a high flexibility, it can be salty but it can also be a bit sweet as it depends on the main ingredients.


Steamed shrimp dumplings (Har Gau) 蝦餃 are the most famous dim sum in Chinese restaurant. The main ingredients are wheat starch and shrimp. Making shrimp dumplings are not easy. In a traditional restaurant, the pastry specialist is hired just to thin the dough and other five to seven helpers to wrap the ingredients. It requires fresh dough and steam immediately. Furthermore, steaming time has to be strictly controlled. It really takes time to learn and practice.
Does it mean this dim sum is hard to make? It all depends on your own requirement. Recognising the basic technique and then pratice more is the key to success.


Once you learn the basic technique of making shrimp dumplings dough, making this Four Star Seafood Dumplings 四星海鮮餃 , which consist of scallop and shrimps inside, would be a bit easier. You can just roll the dough rather than thin the dough with a dull-knife.


Lap Cheong Buns 蒸臘腸包 . Lap Cheong is Preserved Chinese Sausage. In the old time, this is a traditional steamed bun sold in the traditional Chinese restaurant (Yum Cha place) . However, it becomes a "hard to find" dim sum since people concern more about their health as lap cheong has too much fat. So I chose low fat chicken lap cheong to make this steamed buns. It really bought up a lot of memories about having dim sum with my mom in the restaurant before I went to school.


Mui Choy Buns 蒸梅菜包 . Mui Choy is preserved vegetable. It takes some pre-cook procedures before it is cooked in the dish. I liked to have mui choy buns at the Liu Garden in Hong Kong. Too bad, the Liu Garden closed down already. I still missed its mui choy buns even I have tried them in other restaurants. Anyway, I cannot find mui choy buns in my living area. The only way to eat them is to cook the buns myself. Why not? I am a cook.


Lotus Leaf Wraps (Lo Mai Gai 糯米鷄)is a popular dim sum in traditional Chinese restaurant. The ingredients mainly are steaming lotus leaves filled with sticky rice, Chinese sausages and vegetables.
One big Lo Mai Gai can fill up one's stomach. So , in the old time, labor worker usually had one for breakfast. Nowaday, Chinese restaurants have already modified this traditional dim sum to "Mini Lo Mai Gai".



Steamed Custard Bun 蒸奶黄包 . Soft and creamy egg custard filling is so rich in egg favor. I also shaped it like a cresent roll for my son, so he can taste the custard from one end to the other end.




Dried Shrimp Rice Roll 蝦米腸粉 is one of the famous dim sum in Chinese restaurant. There are different kinds of rice rolls, such as shrimp rice roll, beef rice roll, scallop rice roll... It has to be steamed and served hot with home made sweet soy sauce, hoi Sin Sauce and even sesame seeds.


Crab Meat cabbage Spring Rolls 蟹肉椰菜春卷 . Spring rolls can be very creative. I used intimated crab meat, bean sprouts,and  cabbage as ingredients to cook this dish.

Coffee Egg Puff


Classic Egg Puff.


Egg Puff 鷄蛋仔. This is a very well-known snack sold at the street in Hong Kong. It is very common to see a long queue of customers line up for 20 -40 minutes just for a pan of egg puff. It is not a kiddy food no more. It makes you and your family feel so cozy and warm to eat it in the cold winter.


Duck Web Feet Bundle 鴨脚紥 . This is one of the famous and old traditional dim sum in Hong Kong. Wrap the duck web feet, taro and fish maw with fried bean curd sheet is so delicious.

Steamed Char Siu Buns, Shrimp Dumplings, Siu Mai and Steamed Beef Balls play an important role in dim sum in Chinese restaurant. Dim Sum and Yam Cha are interrelated which co-exist in Chinese culture. Dim means "a little bit" and Sum means "love and care". In Chinese humble expression, Dim Sum also means "cook with hearted love". Dim Sum has been so well-known in the world. Although Dim sum cooking takes time to learn and requires hard work.  I always like to cook dim sum for my guests and loved ones to show how much I treasure their friendship and endless love.